AR75 Resto EP.2 “Crispy Connectors”

This is the second in what i hope to be a series of videos documenting my work on my long standing project car, a 1988 Alfa Romeo 75. If you are scratching your head as to why im doing this, it’s mostly to ensure i keep momentum with this project.

In this episode im looking at the less than ideal state of the Ignition connector, this is unfortunately buried at the back of the dashboard mounted to the firewall normally, so having already removed the dash, the rewire begins!

AR75 Resto EP.1 “Every nut and bolt”

The first episode in a series of videos posted to youtube, this is to both document for others doing similar and to keep me motivated to keep progressing with my project car.

A little background, the car is officially a UK sold (RHD) Alfa Romeo 75 3.0L “America” from 1988, I’ve had the car nearly 10 years after buying it as essentially a “barn find” condition, with the added hurdles of someone stripping the interior to move it towards being a track car.

The car has a long list of work to do before it’s back on the road, and an even longer one to make it exactly as i’d like it, but come and join me in my video series and share in my pain and excitement as my 75 comes back to life!

A change of gear

With the widespread death of many forums around the internet, following the advent of social media groups and youtube tutorials “” is the next in a line of victims.
This is not to say I am in any way anti-forum, i love them, i’ve learnt huge amounts from their wealth of knowledge.
But for “” this wasn’t to continue, so i took the domain name from the previous holder and hope to continue it’s legacy in the form of a few things centralised for easy access for other 75 owners or fanatics.

The Blog: I will be keeping this site up todate with my latest progress on my own 75 project, which will mostly take the form of weekly video uploads to youtube.

Guides: I hope to build a guides section to help other owners tackling either their own DIY maintenance or perhaps assist some head scratching mechanics when faced with the 75’s “unique” design.

Shops: To be clear, I have no intention of selling anything at this point but will link to anywhere I’ve found for parts to help other owners firstly find the parts, but also have options to shop around.

Workshop Manuals: These are the fairly infamous scanned workshop manuals for the 75, a little convoluted at times but contain everything you need to work on your 75. I’m just choosing to be yet another host of these to avoid them being lost.

I look forward to helping everyone out, and if you have any ideas or suggestions, be sure to send them in via our contact form.